FT Team League Policies

FingerTraps Brooklyn Soccer Club huddle

One of the founding principles of this team is that we’ll always make room for newcomers. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to play on Tuesdays.

Players who come to practice ON TIME and arrive at warmups ON TIME will be given priority in league games and on league rosters.

All players need to go through the process of coming to Tuesday practice and joining the FingerTraps – Main Group (WhatsApp). If you do not follow these requirements, you will not be added to the league game roster, nor will you be provided league game time.

Game Day Expectations

It is never okay to speak with toxicity towards a teammate, the referee, or the other team.


Provide critical feedback that is thoughtful, caring, and specific, or say nothing at all. If you are finger pointing or complaining about a teammate you will be taken off the field.


Argue your perspective in one sentence. Let the referee know that you were fouled, and then move on. If you are getting distracted from executing the game plan by carrying on at a referee you will be taken off the field.

The Opponent

It’s normal and healthy to have some competitive banter with opponents. Use your words to get in their head and make them distracted and don’t let them do the same to you. If you are bickering with an opponent, you’ve lost the plot and you will be taken off the field.


These guidelines are meant to foster a collaborative and winning culture. We exist for two reasons: community and competition. We believe that those principles go hand in hand. The way that we conduct ourselves throughout the season, win lose or draw, will dictate our success in the long run.

  1. If we have a bad vibe, we will lose all the time and no one will want to stay with us season over season. No one is talented enough to justify a trash vibe.
  2. If we are undisciplined, we will not grow. If we are disciplined in the way we conduct ourselves and play our game, we will develop a winning culture over time.

Please read, learn, and commit to our Community Guidelines.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email fingertraps@brooklyn.soccer