About the FingerTraps Brooklyn Soccer Community

Last modified on June 19th, 2023

The FingerTraps are a grassroots community organization dedicated to providing training, organized competition, and leadership opportunities for our neighbors and friends. 

Ellie playing soccer

We don’t believe in pay to play, which means that no FingerTrap will ever be charged for participation. Instead, we raise funds quarterly to pay for practice space, equipment, and entry fees into league competition.

Two soccer players showing compassion for one another.

The best way to get involved is to join us for open practices. From here you’ll have the opportunity to join our community chat and our competitive league roster.

FingerTraps huddle leaning in!

A finger trap is a toy that represents a powerful concept: the more you try to pull away from the finger trap, the more stuck you’ll become. As soon as you move toward the trap, it releases. Go towards the thing you fear the most and you will be set free. As we say at the end of every session: LEAN IN!

FingerTraps on the field, Clayton pointing to a player.
FingerTraps embroidered patch