About the FingerTraps

We are called the FingerTraps. We are named after the Chinese finger trap, a child’s toy that keeps your fingers stuck the more you try to pull away. As soon as you go towards the thing that is holding you captive, you find that you are free. If you look for it, you will find that this toy is a powerful metaphor for many of life’s troubles. Do not run away from the thing you fear. Lean into it, and you will be set free.

Our number one priority is to play beautiful. In doing so we will:

  • Become the best possible versions of ourselves
  • Develop strong relationships with each other and with our community
  • Have fun and enjoy our lives on and off the field.
  • Experience true victory even in the face of certain defeat.

Play style

We play beautiful. We play with excellence in technique and intelligence. We maintain possession of the ball. We pass our opposition off the field. We make decisions faster than our opponents. We know that most of our game happens off the ball. We defend intelligently as a unit. We play with fluidity and elegance, passing through our opponent like water through a sieve.


We are constantly open to newcomers. Anyone who wants to join us will be welcomed with open arms. We trust that the universe will protect our vibe and that anyone who sucks will find us weird and boring.


Play time will be based on consistency of presence at practice and games, and communication through the WhatsApp group. This is an art, not a science. If you have concerns about your play time, you are expected to make your concerns known to Coach Clayton in a respectful and clear manner.

Newcomers are always welcome, and they should expect to play less if they are arriving on a game day.

We believe that you can play better than you think you can.

All FingerTraps are expected to become experts in the health of their body. You will take daily action towards your best physical form. You will research and overcome your physical challenges so that you can teach others to do the same.

Anyone who contributes to the FingerTraps community is considered a fingertrap, even if they do not play soccer.


St. John’s is our home field, for the time being. It is vital that all FingerTraps make an effort to treat this field and our community with respect and dignity. In addition, We will schedule FingerTraps events away from St. John’s field. I understand that travel away from the neighborhood is not realistic for everyone and I will take this into account when deciding play time.

Tuesday is the primary FingerTraps gathering. Other FingerTraps events will be scheduled on other days of the week. There may be up to 3 FingerTraps events in one week. I understand that not everyone’s schedule will allow for consistent presence on other days of the week and I will take that into account when deciding on play time.

We are currently training for 7v7. We will book friendly matches whenever possible. We are aiming to have two matches per month.

Our current goal is to register for a 7v7 tournament or league during the indoor winter season. We hope that nature and society will allow for this plan but we know that most things are ultimately outside of our control.


Building this team will cost money. FingerTraps is committed to a pay what you can format. No one will ever be turned away for lack of funds. In order for this to be possible, the more financially fortunate of us must be willing to contribute in greater amounts when possible. The treasurer is responsible for tastefully managing contributions in a way that doesn’t single anyone out.

We plan on building up to an 11v11 side in the spring and entering organized competition throughout the summer of 2022.

FingerTraps Soccer Team Insignia